Meet Laura

Laura's PictureI always wanted to be a writer.  So I got a degree in mathematics, concentrating in operations research and computer science.  (It made sense at the time.  Really.)  I went to work designing computer software.  But I still wanted to be a writer.  So I went back to school to get a Masters in computer science.  (This, too, made sense at the time.)  When I was about halfway through the coursework, my husband said to me, “Let’s move to Maryland.”  This made sense to both of us for many reasons, so we did. 

Once in Maryland, I thought briefly about resuming my graduate studies… and then we bought a sailboat and spent our weekends lazing about the Chesapeake Bay.  But I still wanted to be a writer, and it finally occurred to me that I actually had to write a book in order for that to happen.  So I wrote a Regency-set historical titled If You Knew Me.  It was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart contest in 2002.

And I was hooked.  Of course, life has a way of intervening just when you think you know where you’re headed, so it took me a few more years to finish my second manuscript.  Along the way, I switched subgenres to contemporary romance.  That book, Sing for Me, was a Golden Heart finalist in 2007 in the Single Title Contemporary category.

So now I spend my days juggling family and writing.  I also design websites and knit obsessively.  And wish for more free time so that I could spend more time writing and knitting and sailing and– especially– reading more books!

Some people hear voices in their heads; writers take dictation.

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